A Winter Grave: a chilling new mystery set in the Scottish highlands



A young meteorologist checking a mountain top weather station in Kinlochleven discovers the body of a missing man entombed in ice.


Cameron Brodie, a Glasgow detective, sets out on a hazardous journey to the isolated and ice-bound village. He has his own reasons for wanting to investigate a murder case so far from his beat.


Brodie must face up to the ghosts of his past and to a killer determined to bury forever the chilling secret that his investigation threatens to expose.

Set against a backdrop of a frighteningly plausible near-future, A WINTER GRAVE is Peter May at his page-turning, passionate and provocative best.


Book one of 2024 and you know what, it was a fairly good one. I have never read a Peter May before and it’s far from my usual preference, but receiving this in a blind book parcel, I definitely wanted to give it a go. 

This was a strong 3-star and was only was only just shy of being a 3.5. 

This was a good book to start my 2024 reading challenge of with, because it was a fairly quick and easy read. The plot is mostly engaging and fairly fast-paced, the characters mostly likeable and overall, it was a really good read.

However, I did find certain aspects of the plot to be fairly predictable and I did guess where it was headed. By the end of the book I was pretty keen to get it finished and for me, it did lose some a little bit of it’s pace. 

That said, it’s a firm 3 stars for me and certainly not the worst thing I’ve read. 

Kay Page