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The tools I couldn't function without

This page contains information on the various tools and resources that I use for my podcast and businesses. It also contains some other links related to my online activity.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.


Buzzsprout hosting

I use Buzzsprout hosting for all my podcasts. It’s one of the best providers in the industry. This link will get you $20.00 in credit.

stock images

Haute Stock Library

I have interest, in taking pictures for my website and there is no way I’d do them just. Haute Stock is the solution.

Website themes

Bluchic WordPress

I’ve used Bluchic web hosting for YEARS because it’s without a doubt the best in the business. Gorgeous and effective.

In case

Amazon wishlist

Just in case a mystery gifter or billionare is randomly browsing my website. Here is my wishlist!

Side hustle


Cashback UK is the only cashback website that I trust, and use consistently. It’s easier and lucrative.


Epidemic Sound

I use Epidemic Sounds for all the music and audio effects that you hear on any of my podcasts.

Side hustle


Fancy earning some extra money simply by playing mobile phone games? Join Swagbucks.



Learn a new skill with educational library Skillshare. Learn anything from creative to SEO.

People per hour

People Per Hour

The website, People Per Hour, is effectively a marketplace for freelancers. It’s a good income source.

Culpop shop

Have you checked no my brand new store!!

It’s finally here, CulPop the Shop is now a self-hosted store! 


Some of the blog posts that I have written recently

The 21-day manifestation challenge

Welsh True Crime

The Law of Attraction Lifestyle book


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