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Hey, I’m Kay and I am a self-confessed self-development junkie, helping other woman to the overhaul and better their lives.

There is huge power in choosing to take control of your life and step one is to take control of your mindset. That’s why I’ve done the work myself and opt to share my journey through everything that I do.

The tools, resources and content that I’ve created all designed for that purpose, to help other women understand their power and to use it to create the life that they desire.

In these pages, you’ll find plenty to get your teeth stuck into, while also learning more about my message and my journey.

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    Manifest it colour book

    I designed this beautiful manifestation colouring book, to help you relax, unleash your creativity, whilst also working on your mindset.

    Manifestation coaching

    Coaching designed to help you master manifestation, work through your limiting beliefs, and master your mindset, all with my support.

    Ebook: 21-day challenge

    In just 21-day, you will learn some of the powerful tips, tricks, and rituals that have transformed my mindset and helped me create the LOA lifestyle.

    Where to get started?

    If you’re just beginning your manifestation journey and are looking for some tips and tricks to help you get started, make sure you go listen to the Law of Attraction lifestyle on your favourite podcast player. 

    The podcast is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you live a more aligned and fulfilling life.

    I created the podcast to share my journey to a more aligned life and to inspire another woman to curate their own Law of Attraction lifestyle. 

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    Manifestation coaching

    If you’re interested in actively working on your manifestation or mindset goals, I now offer a number of affordable coaching packages. 

    The Podcast

    If you love all things manifestation and self-development, I know that you’re going to LOVE the Law of Attraction Lifestyle podcast.


    For personal musings, opinions or content tips and tricks, check out the blog on this website. All posts are my personal opinion and not that of any organisation or client.

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    Personal development


    Reading and writing


    Opinion and empowerment

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