I'm Kay, an author, a content writer, podcaster and the founder of Politics4Youth.

In 2018, I hit a major low in my life and from the ruins, I decided that it was time to change my life. It was during this time that I rediscovered self-development and embarked on a never ending journey to forever change my mindset. It was through this process that I discovered manifestation and finally began to feel the changes in my life. It has been one hell of a journey. 

I decided to relaunch my business, follow my writing dreams and go after my dreams with everything within me. 


I get it, life can get really hard sometimes and if you’re anything like me, you probably what much more than you currently have.

That’s ok, never be ashamed of admitting that, and on this website you can find lots of content to help you with your journey. 

I’m still on that journey too and I want to share my experiences and lessons with other people. The result is this website and all of the juicy content containued within it. 

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My Core Values


Facing the fear



What I Believe

  • I believe that we are more supported than we know and that we can tap in to that when we chose to do so.
  • I believe that we are ALL interconnected and what impacts one of us, impacts on us all
  • We all have a purpose and have been put on this earth for a reason, something we agreed on before we were brought here.
  • I believe that life ebbs and flows, meaning that good and bad times are part of life, we have to accept and honour it.
  • I believe that your are way more powerful than you might feel and that you always have the answers you need within you.
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Visualisation can be powerful. Check out my favourite method.

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Learn to trust yourself

Self-development is partly about learning to trust yourself, these are my tips.

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