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I'm Kay and I am passionate about helping other women to build their own Law of Attraction lifestyle.

Since 2018, I have been prioritising my mindset, building consistency through routine, and using manifestation principles to change the life that I was lead. Having come to the realisation that I was unhappy and wanting more, I decided to take back my power and to lead from the front, changing my life as only I could. 

Having read hundreds of books, put in the hours, and learned lessons the hard way, I am keen to share all that I have learned with others. To help them curate an aligned life and manifest their deepest desires.


What I Believe

My story


My manifestation journey technically started way back in 2008, when I purchased a copy of The Secret in Woolworths (them were the days right?) and at the time I was studying for my A-levels. At first, I loved the entire concept, took it to heart and really tried to carry it forward with me but it didn’t last and I’m now of the mindset that it simply wasn’t the right time for me. 

It was in university that really found myself called to personal development but it was for all the wrong reasons. I was facing huge issues in my personal relationships and set out to change how I approached them, only to realise many, many moons later that nothing would change until I did.


Fast forward to 2018 and that’s when things really started because I found myself head over heels in love with the manifestation process. But the journey wasn’t entirely smooth. It all started with a bad relationship and a want to manifest my ex but I quickly realised that wasn’t what was meant for me. In reality, I was trying to manifest that from a place of fear and with that game a desire to raise my self-love. 

Having made the decision to leave my past relationship by the wayside, I chose to better use manifestation, deciding to use it to pursue my big goals.

What followed a process of self-discovery, an increase in self-awarness and a huge lesson in learning to love. 


2020 and now

Let’s be honest, 2020 wasn’t the year that any of us would have wanted but in many ways, for me, it posed a unique and important opportunity. Having had to push most of my plans to the wayside, I decided that it was the perfect time to truly workout my mindset, to put in to practice all that I had learned that far. 

I prioritised consistency, opting to show up for my manifestation rituals and routines on a daily basis and I quickly started to see results. 

I’m passionate about helping other people to take back their own power, to understand how important mindset is and to help them bring together all the manifestation tips into a seamless lifestyle. 

I get it, life can get really hard sometimes and if you’re anything like me, you probably what much more than you currently have.

That’s ok, never be ashamed of admitting that, and on this website you can find lots of content to help you with your journey. 

I’m still on that journey too and I want to share my experiences and lessons with other people. The result is this website and all of the juicy content containued within it. 

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