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Your resources page is a place where you can curate all of the relevant resources your audience can get value out of that are related to what it is that you sell.

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Business Tools

Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.


This is the RSS platform that I use for my podcasts. It’s seamless and really easy to use. There’s also a built in website feature and advise on monetisation. I use it for both of my podcasts.


This is the platform that I use to create all my Instagram content.


This is the platform that I use to schedule and plan my Instagram content. I love this one because you can see how the end result will look. Aff link.

Have you joined the challenge yet?

Develop rituals and practices to help you better trust the Universe.

This challenge will help you to create a series of activities that you can turn to whenever you need reminding you of just how loyal the Universe is. 


On my bookshelf

I LOVE my books, I have done since I was little, so if you’re interesting in finding out what I thought about the books I’m reading, make sure you take a peak.