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  • Missing: Harvey Parker

    Today’s story is that of Harvey Parker, a story that is slowly beginning to garner media coverage here in the United Kingdom. These kinds of cases are always the ones that harbour the most hope, because cases are easier to solve while people’s memories are fresher. Where is Harvey Parker? Unlike most planned blog pots on […]

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  • Why I have been reading the bible?

    This is a blog post I never imagined writing and even as I write it, I’m not entirely sure why. But one thing is for certain, I believe in inspired action and the act of reading the bible and the writing of this blog post were both of that nature. This isn’t necessarily anything a […]

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  • The three kinds of action

    When I first started my manifestation journey, over two years ago, it was the action part of the process that I really struggled with. Never feeling as if I’d done enough and equally as if something was missing.  Fast forward to around three months ago and I had a sudden but life-changing realisation, in that […]

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