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  • How to make money with People Per Hour

    A few years ago, when I first started to seriously consider building a freelance side hustle, I stumbled upon the website People Per Hour. For a short while, it was a website that proved to be lucrative for me and it helped me to build my writing portfolio. I was recommending it to everyone.   […]

  • March review

    Another month has gone and so, it’s time to publish my third monthly review. I’m very much in the swing of writing these posts now, and I really enjoy reflecting on the things I’ve been enjoying each month.  I tend to think of these as being similar to the old favourites videos that influencers used […]

  • February review

    How the heck has the second month of the year passed already?  It felt as if January lasted a year but February only lasted a day. When I first sat down to write this blog post, I thought that I had very little to say, but then I checked my Notion page.  February wasn’t the […]

  • The Sober Girls Society Handbook

    The Sober Girls Society handbook Overview UPDATED WITH A BRAND NEW CHAPTER ON SOBER CURIOSITY Voted an Independent best self-care book for 2021 Voted one of Heat’s best self-help books to help you reach your full potential If you’ve ever woken up feeling anxious, or cringing with embarrassment, about something you did or said whilst […]