• Why I have been reading the bible?

    This is a blog post I never imagined writing and even as I write it, I’m not entirely sure why. But one thing is for certain, I believe in inspired action and the act of reading the bible and the writing of this blog post were both of that nature. This isn’t necessarily anything a […]

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  • The three kinds of action

    When I first started my manifestation journey, over two years ago, it was the action part of the process that I really struggled with. Never feeling as if I’d done enough and equally as if something was missing.  Fast forward to around three months ago and I had a sudden but life-changing realisation, in that […]

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  • Looking back at 2020

    It has been a YEAR, hasn’t it? An absolute, never seen anything like it before year and while it’s not the year I – or anyone else had planned for – it wouldn’t be fair to suggest that it’s been an absolute disaster. For me personally, it’s been a year of transformation, a year of […]

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