When I first came up with the idea for this podcast, trust me when I say that I had a particular point of view and I never for a minute imagined the rabbit hole that I would find myself in. At first, I planned to launch this back in December but I quickly realised that would mean rushing my research and potentially missing leads that might be important.

As it happens, that is exactly how things would have unfolded because there are so many intricate aspects to this case.

Several weeks later and I am now well into the depths of this podcast and although I am still finding new leads, I am finally ready to get this started.

This blog post is a running post that will run alongside the podcast and for each episode, I will be uploading all pictures and resources to this website.

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Continuous resources




In search of the rainbow’s end, Colin Caffell

The murders at White House Farm, Carol Ann Lee

Episode 1 and 2

The first two episodes simply outline the story and sets the scene for all future episodes. There will be plenty of time for checking out the details, the discrepancies and the issues in future episodes, but for the first two, we’ll just tell the story.

This episode is based on research which was compiled over many weeks, there’s a running list of resources below.

Episode one is live now and can be viewed on various platforms – https://TheWhiteHouseFarmMurders.buzzsprout.com.

Episode two goes live on the 16th of February.

Show notes

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