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THE most affordable manifestation course on the internet!!

Three weeks. Twenty-one unique activities. And all for less than your dauly coffee habit!

Hey beautiful,

When it comes to manifestation consistency and momentum are key and learning to show up daily is how we manifest our biggest, long-term goals.

 And it’s for that very reason that I designed my first ever manifestation product, the 21-day manifestation challenge. 

In just three weeks, you’ll learn how to:

– create rituals and routines to help build big momentum

– make space for your manifestation – and exactly what that means

– how to use the three kinds of action

And so, so much more!

This ebook is the resource I wish I’d had access to and so I created it for me and for you. 

The Universe wanted you to find out about this course! It was meant for you. Kay is a wonderful being who has helped me to utterly transform my relationship with the Universe. This ebook is an absolute must.
Alex Da

What happens?

The 21-day challenge is a digital download that is available IMMEDIATELY, meaning that you can instantly start your journey. 

This is a comprehensive ebook that is jam packed with beautiful activities and resources.

The process starts with goal setting, giving us something to work towards and then each day you’ll be introduced to a brand new practice or ritual.

Each teaching is based in a Universal principle and truth, helping you to build your own toolkit that you can use time and time again. 

Sneak peak inside the book

Before the course starts, we are going to get super clear on WHERE you are at the moment in terms of your conscious manifesting and then we are going to set a goal for the entire course. 

Routines and rituals are hugely important to manifestation and creating powerful routines is often the difference between you manifesting your goals or not. Designing our ideal routines is what day six is all about. 

Each week has its own theme and week one is all about creating space for your manifestation. That includes getting super clear on the limiting beliefs that you currently believe. 

There are THREE kinds of manifestation action and I believe that in order to easily manifest our goals, we have to ensure that we are accounting for each of them. During week two we get super clear on how to use them. 

It's a £1 a day....

Here’s what no one tells you. Manifestation is game-changing and learning how to show consistently is often what your goals need. You show up and the Universe shows up to. 

This ebook is designed for EVERYONE and ANYONE, whether you are an experienced manifestor or entirely new to the spiritual world. 

Here’s the thing. You can go spend £22.00 on something that will only last a few days – or less if you’re buying food – or you can spend it on this. Something that will literally change your life. Investing in yourself is important.

You deserve it. 


I'm new to manifesting, can I use this??

Absolutely!! It’s designed for all kinds of manifestors and is probably one of the best ways to start your manifestation journey. This ebook will help you master each of the key steps and create habits that you can carry with you forever. 

I'm an experienced manifestor, will this work for me?

Again, absolutely!! None of us can ever really learn everything and there’s always something new to learn. It’s the very reason why I still keep reading and investing in courses. If you’re already consciously manifesting, this product is ideal because it will help you to build consistency and keep you moving forward. 

Can I get a refund?

No sorry! This is a digital product and once it’s paid for no refund will be provided. 

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Manifestation coaching

If you’re interested in actively working on your manifestation or mindset goals, I now offer a number of affordable coaching packages. 

The Podcast

If you love all things manifestation and self-development, I know that you’re going to LOVE the Law of Attraction Lifestyle podcast.


For personal musings, opinions or content tips and tricks, check out the blog on this website. All posts are my personal opinion and not that of any organisation or client.

The podcast

If you’re just beginning your manifestation journey and are looking for some tips and tricks to help you get started, make sure you go listen to the Law of Attraction lifestyle on your favourite podcast player. 

The podcast is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you live a more aligned and fulfilling life.

I created the podcast to share my journey to a more aligned life and to inspire another woman to curate their own Law of Attraction lifestyle.