When I first started my manifestation journey, over two years ago, it was the action part of the process that I really struggled with. Never feeling as if I’d done enough and equally as if something was missing. 

Fast forward to around three months ago and I had a sudden but life-changing realisation, in that there was a better way to think about the entire action process.

As a result, whenever I am trying to manifest something specific, I now opt for a sort of manifestation plan, a basic toolkit that I now as a guideline for pursuing my manifestation. 

I think it’s important to point out that manifestation is something that has to come with natural flow and so I don’t believe that you should or could ever seek to plan out your entire manifestation journey. But I do believe that creating a basic plan is helpful in keeping us consistent with certain parts of the process.

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    The three types of manifestation action

    In my book there are THREE specific kinds of manifestation action and in a nutshell, these are as follows:

    1. Actual (or practical) action

    2.Attraction action

    3. Inspired action

    Right, let’s get in to exactly what they are and how you can use them.

    One - Actual (or practical) action

    Actual action is the kind of practical action that we HAVE to take in order to move forward towards our goal. These are the kind of tasks that end up on our to-do list and those which have to be done by us and us alone. They are the practical, first steps that we have to take in order to get what it is that we want.

    Here are a few examples:

    Two - Attraction action

    While actual action deals with the fact that we live in a physical and practical reality, the attraction part deals with the fact that we are still energetic and vibrating beings. In order to manifest, we have to align with the vibration and energy of that which we are seeking to attract and so while the actual action is often a one and done, attraction action is something you want to do daily. 

    This is the action that will get you into the correct vibration and is any action that helps you feel as if you are already living that next level life.

    To find out what attraction action will help you with your goal, start with the following questions:

    – How will my eventual goal feel?

    – When was the last time I felt that way and what was I doing?

    – How can I recreate that feeling?

    Examples of attraction action that has worked for me in the past.

    Three - Inspired action

    The final step of the process is that of inspired action and in all likelihood, this is something that you’ve heard of before. Inspired action are those random ideas that pop into your head, seemingly from nowhere and are the ideas that will take your manifestation to the next level.  

    These are often hard to plan for, seeming to come from nowhere and at the most random of times. Here’s the thing, acting on these is essential and it’s important that you do so as much and as often as possible, even if they seem entirely unrelated to your intended goal.

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