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 the white house farm murders?

On the 7th of August 1975, Jeremy Bamber took a shotgun and stalked the halls of his adoptive parent’s house in Essex, killing all members of the family as he went.

At least, that’s what the police and prosecution came to believe. But now, almost 45 years later and having spent more years in prison than he did out of it, Jeremy Bamber continues to protest his innocence.

With the suspicious discovery of certain evidence, the non-disclosure of other details at trial and other evidence having seemingly vanished, there remains some serious questions over his conviction.

In this podcast, we look past the sordid details of the case and consider the question that remains at the heart of this story – could Jeremy Bamber be the victim of one of Britain’s gravest miscarriages of justice?

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 the Politics4youth podcast

The Politics4Youth project first started back in 2016, during the EU referendum but it’s been something that I have been passionate about for a really long time. 

It’s my belief that young people should be leaving education with a political education but all too often that is not the case. Into that gap steps Politics4Youth and this podcast is aimed at educating, informing and engaging young people in British politics. 

Through out Instagram, blog and podcast, we take political information, strip it back, remove the bias and repackage it into information that anyone can trust and understand.

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