A few months ago, I worked on a book with a new client and today, I am really excited to finally be able to share this wonderful project with you. Although I was paid to help edit and format the book, I am writing this post because I believe this is one of the best books you will ever lay your hands on.

The Light Within You is a transformational book that combines self-development and spirituality, giving you the tools that you need to turn your life around.

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About the book

Due for release on the 20th of June – the same day of the Summer Solstice, the day that celebrates the abundance of life – this book couldn’t be coming at a better time. With everything that is going on in the world, this book offers the perfect way to restart your 2020 and to choose to spend the rest of the year excluding success, love and light.


‘The Light Within You’ will show you how to…

Discover your life art, your inner passion, that you want to achieve, succeed in and unconditionally love.

Learn how to utilise your inner light in a way that empowers you to achieve anything you set out to do.  

Be aware of the infinite Higher Power that lives within you.

Use gratitude and the magnetism of attraction to create a happier, more fulfilled you, enriched with love and light.

 Uncover ways to operate on your highest potential to become the best version of yourself that resonates with your inner truth.

“Believe it or not, you have an innate right to operate at your highest potential,” explains the author, an internationally-recognized journalist, writer, teacher and a humanitarian” And we already have the light within us that will set the flames of progress and change alight. This internal warm energy provides a compass for us to navigate ourselves and the world with love, passion and unstoppable potential. But most people live their entire lives without ever finding and using it. With my book, you’ll set this inner light free and start building a new existence where joy and prosperity prevail.”

Continuing, “You don’t have to be stuck in darkness. I once was, and since I’ve found my way out, I see it as my duty and calling to help others do the same – through this book, my wisdom and the powerful quotes written throughout.  If something makes you feel happy right now, then it’s something you need to pursue. So pick up a copy of my book, because I have the entire blueprint waiting, just for you.”

About the author

Gemma Leigh Smith has an extraordinary passion for writing and words. Her life has been dedicated to lighting up the lives of others with her empathetic and caring nature known to have a positive effect on those around her. Having wanted to write a book since she was a young girl, Gemma has now realised her dream and the result is ‘The Light Within You’, a truly life-changing book that will move anyone through a paradigm shift to operate at their highest potential, with sincerity and love.

The author currently lives in the UK and works as a teacher alongside being a writer. She works extensively to give the children she teaches the best education possible, while inspiring them to shine their light and become the best that they can be.

Gemma transformed her life by turning the challenging experiences she had endured into positive life lessons that she could teach others. She believes that there is a positive lesson to be learnt in every situation, no matter how bad or difficult it may seem. From a very young age, Gemma had a burning desire to travel and see the world and in doing so, this has shaped her to become the woman she is today.

Gemma is also a qualified Life Coach, certified in Positive Psychology and Mental Health and is keen to share her expertise by offering coaching sessions to transform people’s way of thinking while encouraging positive mental health and all-round wellbeing

Her powerful voice and intention to inspire and lift others is truly infectious and can benefit masses of individuals and groups in society, all over the world. Gemma believes that your purpose is to touch lives through your centred craft. You have a duty to live a happy life.

This book is a roadmap for those striving to navigate their way through transitional stages of life, supporting people to find their purpose, and harness it with their inner light, encouraging people to reach their fullest potential. This book is also for those who are on a quest for that glimmer of hope during life’s unexpected challenges.

What I think of the book

What other people said?

Written by a woman who is the epitome of self-courage and determination, Gemma Smith, ‘The Light Within You’ grabs readers by their own passions and ignites their inner light, to unleash the potential they have always supressed. Everyone has that niggling feeling that something is missing in their life; something that excites them so much they’re unlikely to ever take action to make it real. That’s Smith’s goal – to guide readers toward it, using their inner power, and live a life where anything is possible.’

Robina Tower, writer for the Discovery Channel, says, “Gemma Smith has written a jewel that she wants to share with everyone, that is searching for themselves. She gently takes you by the hand and guides you towards things that you have often thought of but never taken the steps towards doing for yourself. She draws you like a moth to light, finding yourself. And within that discovery, you shine.”

The book is available at: https://thelightwithinyou.co.uk/. It can also be purchased on Amazon, KDP E-book and over 40,000 other global book-distribution networks.

Signed copies are available on pre-order at a special offer rate of £10 before 20th June direct from the author’s website above.

After this date the price will be £11.99 on Amazon and all of the other distribution networks. 

An E-book version will also be available at £2.99.

Kay Page