As mentioned in my earlier blog post, one thing that I like to do at the end of each year, is to look book and reflect on the year that has passed. In a previous post, I looked at how 2019 went and considered the biggest realisations, revelations and lessons that I had learnt.

Today, as an extension of that, I wanted to share with you some of the biggest and best decisions that I made last year. And more specifically, how these affected my life.

Working on my money mindset |

One of my goals for 2019 was to work on my money mindset and over the course of last year, it was definitely one of the activities that I chose to prioritise. Many of our thoughts, opinions and beliefs are inherited or adopted at a young age and so it can be hard to highlight or challenge them.

In a way, many of them are second nature and on a daily basis we have hundreds of thoughts or beliefs, often without stopping to consider how they are affecting us. For me, there are two areas of my life that have been most affected by these attitudes – relationships and money.

My relationship beliefs have been edited out and controlled as a result of past relationships, but my money beliefs were a lot harder to highlight. Eventually, I was able to find and overturn a number of the beliefs that had affected my relationship with money.

This is definitely an ongoing battle and still something that I am actively dealing with, but I have made huge progress since this time last year.

To actually have a skincare routine |

Back in the day, when beauty blogging was a big, big thing, I loved my make-up and that meant that I experimented with a huge array of different products. Yet I never really committed to a skin care routine and always took a lazy girl approach.

This year, I decided to make self-care one of my main priorities and this meant incorporating an aspect of skincare to my routine. I knew that if I went in hard from day one, I would never maintain it and so, I started small, choosing to add just one item to my routine.

It started with a mud cleanser and then I added a toner and a moisturiser. Now, three months later, my skin feels amazing and I love my new routine.

Start saving money |

This project very much went hand in hand with my money mindset goals but last year, I finally decided to start saving some money. My first goal was very small, but I hit it and this year, I have made that goal a lot bigger.

I am also doing the 52-week savings challenge, something I have often started but never really maintained.

To start writing again |

If anyone knows me, they know that I love writing and being a published author is definitely my biggest goal in life. It goes hand in hand with my own love of reading and books and so, as a natural book lover, of course I want a book of my own.

For a few years now, I have had a novel idea and although I have started, I have never committed fully. Boy, oh boy, did that change in 2019.

Towards the end of last year, I watched a film that was set in the same time period as the aforementioned novel idea. The costumes, the characters and the overarching story got me feeling connected again and soon enough I was connected to my characters.

So, I grabbed my Macbook and planned the entire novel from start to finish, the first time that I have ever done that. I then started writing and guess what, I am writing again. And writing like I have never done before. I am so, so glad that I decided to pick up the metaphorical pen again and in 2020, I am determined to get that written.

Obsessing about organisation, does not make you organised |

Over the years, I have trailed pretty much every planner on the high street and vary rarely has any of them actually helped me to be organised. From the Happy Planner to the Filofax and the Erin Condren, I have been there and got the T-shirt.

But towards the end of last year, I decided to try using just a digital application.

As a new Things3 Convert, I feel like I have finally found the one and it has helped me to take back control of my organisation.

Self-forgiveness |

I talked about this in detail in my previous reflective post but this year, I decided to prioritise self-forgiveness. It did wonders for my mental health and has helped me to truly focus on the future.

To final embrace and learn my past relationship lessons |

If I was to sit down and tell you about my relationship history, you’d probably pick up on the essential lessons a lot faster than I did. The truth is, I have now had 4 ‘serious’ relationships and every one of them started and ended in the exact same way. Yet, for some reason, it was not something that I had ever acknowledged.

Instead, it took me the entirety of those four relationships to appreciate what was going wrong and how my own vibration was causing the attention that I was receiving.

This year, thanks in part to my spiritual journey, I finally took the time to understand what had gone wrong and for the first time in my adult life, I feel confident and comfortable with who I am. With that comes the understanding that I will attract what I put out and so if I want to attract the man of my dreams, I have to start being the person I envision them being with.

In the past, I have attracted commitment phobic men, purely because I was not in a place to actually accept commitment. I wanted commitment but I wasn’t in the right place to get it back.

Things are so, so different now and I am so glad that I decided to learn those lessons.

That my success is inevitable |

I have spent far too much time worrying about what might or might not happen if I take the brave, bold action. As we left 2019 and entered 2020, I made one confident and assured decision.

This year, my success is inevitable because if I take the action, do the damn thing and remain in a vibration of success, good things have to come to me.

I have decided that my success is absolutely inevitable, so there is no point in me fearing anything.

Kay Page