21-day challenge


A 21-day workbook to help you learn some kick-ass manifestation tools and techniques.


You’re ready to go all-in on manifestation but you have no idea where to start, if so, this is undoubtedly the challenge for you.

In just 21-days, you’ll learn some of my favourite manifestation tricks and rituals, with a programme that will help you to create sustainable and life-changing manifestation practices.

In this guide you’ll learn:

– Best practice in creating your own manifestation visualisation

– The importance of gratitude and the power of feeling blessed

– How to craft your own, impactful manifestation story

– 69 pages filled to the brim with useful and practical manifesting tips

Whether you’re new to manifesting or already a pro, this ebook will help you to begin changing your life, utilising consistency to see inspiring results.


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