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I prefer to always stay behind the latest book trends and it’s for that reason that I find myself reading the bestsellers, long after everyone else has. I’m not one for big trends, I very rarely go on what others are saying and for me to read a book, I generally have to have come across it myself.

Much like everyone else, I had seen this book everywhere over the past few months and so when I finally did feel called to read it, I decided to grab a copy.

This book is much unlike anything else I’ve read (although ironically similar to the one I read just before it – in style) but I loved how it was written. The style is beautiful, with just the right level of descriptive detail. The characters are engaging and it’s easy to find yourself loving them over a short period of time.

I loved this book, it’s probably my favourite fiction book so far and I cannot wait to read Taylor’s next two offerings.

Easy 5/5.