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Since starting my writing career over 10 years ago, I have worked with numerous different outlets to create content that is relatable and engaging with their audiences. 

I am always interested in working with new or different media outlets, so please feel free to contact me if you have anything that you believe I can help with. 

My personal interests include:

Examples of past work

Here are a few examples of my notable media work

-Grazia – In 2016 I was given the chance to take part in an article for Grazia magazine and this meant that I had the chance to ask the then PM David Cameron about the EU referendum. 

-BBC Wales – In 2015, I was invited to take part in a BBC Wales special about the surprising victory of Jeremy Corbyn. I was offered this opportunity as the chair of the local youth wing of the Labour Party. As a result of this, the BBC ran an entire show on the young members and it helped the local MP and AM to gain further exposure.

For person political reasons, there are certain organisations or causes that I will not work with. Although I am open to working with most organisations, I do reserve the right to refuse certain requests.

How to reach out

Interested in working with me?

PLEASE POP ME A MESSAGE OUTLINING THE SUBject, the outlet and what it is that you want help with.

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