Over the past few months, I have found myself really struggling with the struggles of life and as a result, I have found it increasingly hard to maintain my motivation and vibration. This is something that I have been really struggling with over the past week in particular but there has been a small revelation from this entire nightmare.

As I’ve mentioned before, finding the Law of Attraction is only the start of a person’s journey and it’s often in maintaining things that the process can really become a challenge.

For me, that has become increasingly apparent over the past few months and so, I have found myself turning inwards and really attempting to tune in to how my body and my mind really feel. When I’m motivated, I am like a machine, able to tick off a million tasks a day and to seriously take care of myself, both mentally and physically. However, when I’m on bad form, I find it hard to get anything done and seriously struggle with eating well or working out. When one of these gibes, everything does and I find myself back where I started.

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to really start listening to my mind and body, I wanted to truly come to learn what was stopping me from just getting started.

In listening to my intuition, I’ve noticed subtle directions and guidance, things that help me to reconnect with the universe and the wider world around me. I’ve become more conscious of my own sense of self and my intuition, using this as a guiding light for determining certain aspects of my behaviour.

I’m not going to pretend that it’s always easy to hear or even trust your own intuition. Every single day, we are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of noise, all coming from various different outlets. This noise often speaks louder than our own voices and so, it becomes deafening, drowning out our inner voices, which often know us better than we can ever know ourselves. And so, we often go against our intuition, doing things that are not good or right for us. We end up doing what the noise is telling us to be, we end up being the people that the noise says we should be and we allow this noise to silence our inner voices.

And it’s this inner voice, this higher being, this intuition, that once activated can be the source of all manner of life-changing magic. From guidance on why something isn’t working and what can be done to change that to suggested inspired action that can help us manifest our goals.

When we are in alignment or truly tuned in to our own intuitions, things just happen for us and it helps us to feel more connected and less exhausted or conflicted with life. This often manifests itself in an increased sense of motivation.

So, feeling in a slump, my intuition has recently become a priority of mine and it’s allowed me to develop my ability for listening and tuning in to my better self.

It has definitely started to help and while this week hasn’t been my best, I don’t regret the time and effort that I have spent working on my inner connection.

One incident, in particular, has really helped me to acknowledge the power of my own intuition and it reinforced to me, the importance of knowing when to tune in. In this blog post, I want to tell you that story.

A story

I wanted to start by telling you a story which has really helped me to understand my inner voice on a much more practical level and one that will hopefully illustrate the point I am trying to make.

A few weeks ago, I had a few days away in West Wales and despite my natural desire to always be connected to the internet, I decided to really spend some time on me. This meant taking some time away from the internet, taking some time off my goals and instead, really doing things that made me feel energised and at ease.

One particular day, I felt a sudden need to visit a local town, somewhere that I am not a massive fan of and not somewhere that I would never usually feel drawn to. It’s somewhere that I have been on numerous, it’s a good 40-minute drive away and to be honest, there really isn’t a lot there. But, for some reason on this day, I really felt the need to do so.

So, we went and when we got there, we were not able to park in the place that we normally do. We ended up driving shortly further along the main town centre and eventually found a space on the seafront. It was a really pretty place to park and we quickly commented on how lucky we were to find that spot and to be able to appreciate the view. As we stepped out of the car, we spotted what appeared to be a purse on the floor.

It actually turned out to be a phone and we spent a few moments trying to decide what to do with it. Miraculously, it wasn’t at all broken and the car wheel had just avoided it.

In the end, we decided that the best course of action was to attempt to pop it into the local police station but we had no idea where that was. So, I nipped into the hotel that was situated just opposite our car. There were three hotels but for some reason, I was drawn towards the one.

The hotel staff were immediately helpful and to be honest, they couldn’t have done more to help. They advised me that the police station had very limited hours, but that when they had found lost property in the past, they had been advised to place it in an envelope in the police stations letterbox.

They gave me an envelope and I started to write on it, advising what it was and where it was found and as I did so, the mobile phone actually started to ring. So, assuming it was the lady who had lost the phone, I answered.

As it happens, it wasn’t the women who owned the phone and it was actually the ladies daughter. She was really grateful and advised that her mum probably hadn’t even noticed yet. We agreed that the phone would be left at the hotel and that she would then collect it.

A few hours later, the lady phoned me to thank me for returning her phone and to be honest, it was a really nice feeling.

That day, I felt super in-tune with my emotions and intuition and it was the first time, in a long time, that I had felt in alignment. On the way home, I decided to test my theory and a random song popped into my head. So, being me and always wanting to prove myself right, I asked the universe to play that song. Less than 5 minutes later, that exact song came on the radio. I could hardly contain my excitement and shock, so I immediately told my family that I had asked for that song.

Now, sceptics would argue that these were all coincidence or that I had wanted them to happen and so essentially saw what I want, but we all know that’s not the case.

A million things had to come together for this day to turn out the way it did and I believe that I was meant to find that phone. I’ve always found huge joy in helping people and this moment helped me to get back into alignment and for weeks after, my vibration remained high.

What’s more, a few weeks later, I actually lost my purse and as karma dictates you get back what you give and yes, I did have my purse back in the end.

Kay Page