As we have mentioned in past blog posts, there are five key steps to activating and harnessing the Law of Attraction – ask, believe, take action, take inspired action and receive.

In my experience, it’s the ‘action’ part that causes the most confusion but it’s the believe aspect that causes the most fear.

We are an evidence, visual-based generation and we like to see things before we believe them and that’s probably a result of our technical and scientific developments. In centuries and decades past, religion was central to society and so people were used to believing in the unseen. But that’s not a skill that comes easy to us.

These days, we live in an evidential society, we seek evidence of everything and if it’s not easily seen, then we doubt that it exists. But if you want to really utilise the Law of Attraction in your life, then you are going to have to get really good at believing in the invisible.  

Trust and belief are interlinked when it comes to the Law because they go hand in hand.

So, if you’re looking to start harnessing the Law in your life and want to get better at trusting, these are some tips to help you on your way.

Start small //

When you first discover the Law and have the realisation that it can work for you, it’s super easy to throw yourself into it and attempt to manifest these huge goals. Now, don’t think that I am for a second saying that you cannot manifest these big grand things, because you can and you know that you can.

However, at first, those big things are might not come easily to you.

You see, whilst all manifestations require the same amount of effort, big manifestations are going to interfere with your conscious mind, as we’ve been taught to think that is the case. You can give gratitude, be high vibing and meditate until the cows come home, but if your conscious mind continues to tell you that it’s unrealistic, that’s exactly what it will be.

When those big things don’t manifest because the doubt still exists, it will just reinforce the fact that it’s not coming.

Think of your manifestation powers as being a bit like a muscle that you haven’t used for a while. At first, it will be weak, it will ache and it will require a lot of effort but after a workout session, it will slowly get stronger and easier to use.

So, build up your trust with the universe by manifesting smaller things on a daily basis and then that will build up your manifesting muscle and eventually, the big things will come. Start with a coffee and work towards the car.

Ask for signs and guidance //

This is one of my favourite ways to restore my faith in the universe, particularly if I am struggling with a manifestation. It always, always works and no matter how hard things seem, it helps to keep me feeling focussed and reminds of how powerful and reliable the universe really is.

I tend to use a butterfly as my symbol and depending on exactly what I want, sometimes I’m specific and sometimes I’m vague.

So, how do you ask for a sign?

I take a moment to close my eyes and think about the question that I am seeking guidance on. I let the question consume my thoughts and meditate on it for 3-5 minute. Once I’ve done that, I will ask the universe a simple question or I will just ask for a sign.

So, I might ask – ‘show me a yellow butterfly if I am on the right pathway’. Or, alternatively, I might say show me butterflies if my manifestation is coming. More often than not, I get my sign.

In fact, I am going to do this myself, right now. At the moment I am trying to manifest a pretty large goal and it’s taking longer than I had hoped. I know that’s because I have been too attached to it.

So, today, I did a detachment process and I am now feeling excited about it and I’m not too worried about the why or the how. I’ve just asked the universe to show me butterflies if my manifestation is on the way. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Believe in the aspects that you know are real //

Unlike religion, which is entirely reliant upon faith, there are certain aspects of the Law that can be seen and felt. So, perhaps in that sense, the Law is more comparable with the Law of Gravity than it is to any religion.

You know that gravity exists, even though we can’t see it, but we can see the results of gravity. The Law of Attraction is much the same because whilst you can’t see it, you can see its evidence.

Think about how rich people get richer or how a bad day always gets worse. That is the Law of Attraction, cling to these things when you’re practising your faith.
I’m sorry, but I am going to suggest it again – make a list of the things that you have already manifested and keep this with you. When you start to feel any doubts, look at it and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

Kay Page