Hey and welcome to my free resource library.

It is very much self-explanatory but the resources featured on this page are for your use and they are completely and utterly free. Click on the button, save them to your laptop and use them to up-level your manifestations or mindset.

Manifestation checklist

This free checklist is designed to help you supercharge your manifestation by ensuring that you have ticked off all of the essential manifestation steps.

Each step has a clear and dedicated area, allowing you to fine tine and develop your manifestation whilst also ensuring that you are working through the process. 

There are prompts and assistance boxes allowing you to fully communicate exactly what it is that you are trying to manifest.

Clear the blocks workbook

As we grow up and progress through adult life, we often pick up false beliefs or attitudes towards the things that matter or are deemed important to us.

In my personal experience, these are usually in relation to relation relationships or money, two area’s that we have an overwhelming emotional attachment towards. 

Alongside the manifestation checklist that is listed above, this workbook will help you highlight any of these faulty beliefs and help you to challenge them.