When I first started to activate the Law of Attraction in the summer of 2018, it would be safe to say that I had no idea the kind journey it would take me on.

I know what I wanted it to achieve and I knew what I hoped that it would bring about, but I was still doubtful of how well it would work for me.

I had no idea just how drastically it would change my life.

It took a little while and I’m still not an expert, but over the past few months, my circumstances have changed dramatically. There are no coincidences in life, I know that now, so I know that I have the Law of Attraction to thank for it all.

The more effort that I made to activate the Law of Attraction, the more things started to go right for me. Now, I’m a bit addicted.

Since then, I’ve manifested more than I would have ever thought possible and it’s all thanks to some subtle shifts that I’ve made in my personal habits.

In the long run, it takes a lot of hard work, determination and grit to change how you look at things. It takes a lot of work to challenge emotional blocks and destructive patterns. But it takes much less time to make an immediate vibrational shift.

In fact, it can take next to no time to bring about a small and subtle shift to your vibration and here are ten things that always work for me.

Do a smile meditation //
This is a super easy and super quick way of lifting your vibration, but for obvious reasons, it’s one that is best done in the comfort of your own home.

There are a number of scientific studies which prove the positive impact that smiling can have and it is a quick way to send endorphins through your body. These endorphins immediately lift your feelings and your feelings are what create the vibration that you send out to the environment. Simples.

But, if you’ve had a really bad day and need an instant boost, try doing a 2-minute smile meditation. Simply sit comfortably, close your eyes and smile to yourself, whilst focussing on your breathing and allowing thoughts to float by like clouds.

I promise that although you’ll feel like an idiot, it’ll give you an instant mood boost.

Read a high vibrational book //

There are some books that are going to automatically improve your mood, your mindset and as a result, your vibration, so it’s always worth having a few of them around. If you just need a quick pick me up or to take an hour away from the world, a high vibration book is a perfect option.

Suggestions – The Secret, You are a badass, or get rich, lucky bitch – these options always work for me.

Take a steamy bath //

Any kind of self-care can be an instant mood booster, but for me, nothing does that like a hot, steamy bath. It’s like the negativity is being washed from my skin, it’s like my soul is being cleansed and it makes mell abundant and fresh.

There are also ways to really intensify the positivity that comes from it. Choose your favourite bath addition, whether that be a bath bomb, bubble bath or a salt, and throw it on in. Whilst in the bath, meditate, really focus on your breathing and imagine any blocks that you have just flowing away. Finally, start to imagine your new future and really hone those visualisation skills.

Be right back, just going to run a bath.

Follow the breadcrumbs //

These days the Law of Attraction is a much discussed and utilised aspect of self-development and there are hundreds of online resources. For obvious reasons, be careful which of these you chose to use but they can be really helpful for starting your own journey.
When I was trying to manifest a specific goal in April 2019 (successful btw, story to follow), I heavily used the experiences of other people. These stories equate to ‘breadcrumbs’ as they leave a trail of the action ideas and inspiration that you can use in your own journey.
If you’re already using the Law correctly, you will have already gotten really specific about exactly what you want and you can use this for planning and research. 

Have a look on YouTube for stories of other people manifesting your goal – I’ve done the hard work for you and created this playlist of my personal favourites. You can also, Google it or even read the stories that have been published on The Secret. These will contain little hints, tips and crumbs of action that you can then use.

Watch a high vibrational YouTube channel //

This is much the same as the books that I suggested earlier but in some ways video’s can be that little bit more powerful. I guess for me, there’s a time and a place for everything, sometimes books work and other times videos do.

My top suggestions are Renee Amburg, Leeor Alexander and Jake Ducey.

Do a gratitude practice //

A standard piece of advice in the Law of Attraction world but one that is always powerful. Take a sheet of paper and immediately start listing the things that you feel grateful for. Really get familiar with the gratitude that comes with those things and dig deep, look for the unexpected.

I’ve read that you should write full sentences but I found that made it feel like a chore. For me, it works better if I just write the bare bones and take the time to truly feel the gratitude for each item.

Listen to motivating music //

I have a certain type of music for pretty much every vibration that I want and I use this music when I need a quick and easy boost. Sometimes I use specific Law of Attraction based music, but mostly I use normal, chart-topping songs.

Confession time. If I want to feel wealthy or abundant, I always listen to Billionaire but if I am looking to feel invincible, I always head for Cartoon Heroes by Aqua – don’t @ me.

Reach out to your tribe //

There are people in this life that are destined to be a match for you and they are deliberately put in your pathway. Tapping into that destiny and the predetermined role that they can play can provide a really powerful boost to your mindset.

So, what are you waiting for, reach out and make plans with your tribe?

Make a list of what you’ve already manifested //

When you’re in a particularly bad place or you feel as if you have been trying to manifest something for a long time, it can be easy to discredit the things that you have already manifested. I can’t count how many times I have found myself frustrated or angry at the universe, believing that I never manifest what I want or that the Law is unfair.

This anger is misjudged, misplaced and entirely wrong and I’ve instead taken to viewing it as something altogether different. Instead, I now know that there is a problem to be addressed if I am not manifesting what I am aiming to.

One easy way for me to increase my chance of manifestation is to take a second to sit down and write out the things that I have already brought into my life, both good and bad. It’s only when I step back and look at the sheer volume of what I’ve achieved that I fully acknowledge the amount of evidence that I have.

And it’s nice to see all of the ‘good’ manifestations laid out in one place.

Take inspired action //

If you’ve read the numerous other content that I’ve written about action and inspired action, then there is probably no surprise that this is included. As I’ve said before, there’s a distinct difference between action and inspired action.

Action is an important part of the entire manifestation process but inspired action is the one thing that will really give you a huge boost.

When we take inspired action, we are entirely in alignment with our goals, manifestations and purposes, so it’s the best way to lift your output.

Kay Page